Friday, May 17, 2019

We're Cool for the Summer - Koldtec Ice Towels

It's no secret that I have an obsession with Koldtec ice towels.  

In fact, it is my personal goal to help every person on instagram that has MS or heat sensitivity to at least hear of Koldtec by the end of the summer.  I believe in the product that highly. 

And Koldtec loves our community. 

The partnership is really great.

In honor of summer and the heat, koldtec and I are doing a summer of kool.  

On the first of each month from May through September I will be hosting a giveaway for a Koldtec towel bundle.  Entering is, as always, super easy.  Keeping it basic over here.

In addition, Koldtec has provided me with two codes specifically for my friends.

code SPARKLEDICE5 is for the ice towel found here.  The code will provide $5 off, a bonus ice strip, and free shipping for USA and Canada (they ship elsewhere for a small fee!).  Direct url:

code SPARKLEDICE14 is for the ice towel bundle found here.  The code will provide $14 off, a bonus ice strip, and free shipping for USA and Canada (again, they ship elsewhere for a small fee). Direct link:

I do have a video on my IGTV on my instagram (@thesparkledlife) with more information and how it works.  

Basically Koldtec ice towels are a bamboo sport towel that you insert specially made engineered ice strips in to.  It isnt wet and each strip of ice lasts 45 minutes - 1 hour.  (I use these on my bicycle rides and legit, I can be sweating and the ice strip will last me 1 hour!!).  The contained the towel and the strips come in works as an insulator so you can take the bonus ice strips on the road with you.  

It's perfect for any occasion - I even used it getting ready for my wedding!  

Stay tuned for more koolness and I hope you have as much fun as I do being chill!

Love, Eliz

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shit Just Got Real!!!

We got Married!!!!

It was such an amazing weekend and I'm so excited to give a little update.  

So Kris and I got engaged in October.  We didnt really plan on having a "short"engagement - but it's how it worked out.  When I came to both him and my mom and asked if we could pull off a wedding in less than 5 months, they just smiled and said "whatever you want babes" (ok lying my mom panicked).  

But we did it!!!

Just a comment on the short engagement (as I've received some comments -  no I'm not pregnant) - you can do WHATEVER time engagement you want!  If you want long, if you want short, if you want traditional, if you want elopement, do you!!  It doesnt matter.  What matters is that you are intentional and marrying someone you want to love forever.  The rest are literally just details. 

Ok, so now we're engaged, now we've set a date, now we have to make it MS friendly.

We decided on spreading it out - doing a two day event.  Friday would be the ceremony (intimate with family and close friends) and Saturday would be an evening reception (a partay).  

And that's what we did!

So first, we have some details:

Save the Dates (from Zazzle)

And the wedding website

We didnt have a traditional rehearsal as most of the wedding party was coming in from out of town (actually most all of our guests are coming in from out of town - like 80%).  So we did a small rehearsal at the church, people chilled for a bit (I took a nap), and then we went to Spoonwood Brewery with those in town for a fun dinner and beer.

As you can tell from the picture I was VERY excited. (:  

Friday morning came real quick - our ceremony was at 11am so we had just a few hours to get ready (if you've been in a wedding you know those hours go fast!).  But it was so enjoyable and chill.  Everything was chill overall but those few hours before the ceremony I will cherish as being so calm and chill.  Shout-out to my ladies for that vibe!!

 Picture credit:

The ceremony was at my family's Catholic Church in Pittsburgh.  We had just the ceremony and we made it very adaptive friendly (I came from the side, we sat for most of it, etc).  It flew by but I do remember the highlights - I remember Kris smiling bigger than Id ever seen, him squeezing my hand, me almost losing it at the "in sickness and in health part", and me doing like a little wiggle celebration when we got the official "husband and wife".

After we did pictures with family and the wedding party at a friends house.  Our photographer was AMAZING! Love him, Ryan Zarichnak.  Cant wait to share those!

 Our wedding party included: Girls: Courtney (matron of honor and my sister), Regina, (maid of honor and best friend), Kari (Kris' sister), Katie (future sister in law), Bethany (best friend), Mary (best friend).  Dudes: Jordan (best man), Jon (Kris' brother in law), Tim (my brother), Connor (my brother), Kevin (my brother), John (my brother).  

Then we had a luncheon at my parent's house.  My mom did such an amazing job hosting and preparing the food.  All I heard was how great the food was and I'm like, I know. (:

The best part of this arrangement is that we had scheduled NAP TIME!!!  We were done with wedding obligations by 3pm on Friday.  I was in bed and didnt leave till we woke up Saturday.  Best decision ever!!!

Saturday was PARTAY time!!!  Again, we had time to relax and chill and visit before getting ready.  I will cherish this time too.  My best friend Zach did my hair and while doing it some of my favorite people just stopped by and said hi and sat with me.  It was lovely.  I had to do NOTHING which is just what I needed.

The reception's theme was glitz and sparkle, with the colors black and gold sparkle.  My mom did all the decorations, favors, centerpieces...and she delivered!!  Literally, thank you mom!  Saturday was just lovely.  One of my favorite parts was my dress (it was sparkle heaven!!!) and then partying with all our family and friends.

The food was delicious (PW catering) and the DJ's (2nd II None) - I could never speak enough about them.  They led a party and it was fabulous!!  

Oh and let's not forget about the cookie table - a very strong Pittsburgh tradition.  Basically all the neighbors/family/friends bring cookies and the are displayed on a table.  To go boxes are provided and guests can snack on them there and take some home for leftovers/breakfast.  It's an amazing tradition and we had QUITE a lot of cookies!

We also had soft pretzels delivered halfway through the evening (soft pretzels are my favorite and what better way to have a snack?)

Oh the whole thing was just lovely.  This is just the speed by review - when we get the photos I'll provide more details.  Because I just know the photo's are going to be amazing!!

The moral though of this whole thing is that love is beautiful, you can have a beautiful wedding with multiple sclerosis, and you can do your wedding any way you want!!!  

Thank you all for your support and love, we so appreciate the love!!!  

Friday, February 1, 2019

How I lost - and found- love with MS

Click here to read my article on dating, love, and how you’re worth all of it:–-and-found-–-love-with-ms

You are so worthy of love no matter what!! Always know that!

Ps: you may have to click the link twice for it to work. The internet you know? (:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

IVIG and MS - Plasma for one

I recently had an IVIG infusion and got a lot of questions about what IVIG is and how it is used in relation to Multiple Sclerosis.

Great questions. 

I'm not entirely savvy on IVIG usage medically, but I can give a non-technical little overview.  With the help of google and some medical documents of course.

So first, why we choose to use IVIG.  In my DMD history I've used Rebif, Tysabri, Tecfidera, and Rituxan.  I have also used Plasmapheresis as a treatment.  Rituxan was my latest DMD and I really did give it a good try.  My body has a hard time with all drugs but rituxan, damn, it was brutal.  Quality of life was not worth it.  And, we couldnt confirm if it was or was not working.  It was an easy decision for me to be like "no thank you, no more".

I went with no DMD medicine or treatments for 10 months and though I wouldve loved to go further, my doctors advised me to consider a treatment.  I agreed.

I received IVIG at my MS clinic's infusion center at a hospital in downtown Pittsburgh.  The nurses were fabulous and got a IV line in one try. I love nurses!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My Advice for Those Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Back in June I worked with Healthline to film a few videos.  One of the videos we did was my advice to those living with multiple sclerosis, especially those recently diagnosed.

This is the finished product.

Click here for final video.

Monday, September 24, 2018

My Teeth be Shining! - Smile Brilliant Collaboration

Use code thesparkledlife to receive 15% off!!

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 years ago, I have found a new appreciation for my teeth.


Because they are the ONLY part of my body that is still working, functioning, and looking babe. (:

So I take good care of my teeth.  Whitening my teeth has always been something I've done before a big event or just to give myself a little self-care love.  I've used teeth whitening gels from CVS and more often, crests whitening strips - both of which I loved. 

However, they couldnt get all my teeth.  My teeth are very "smushed" and I want every nook and cranny of my teeth to me the same-ish color.  I dont ask for much. (:

So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me for a collaboration, I was 100% on board.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ice Ice Baby - Koldtec Cold Towel

(for the month of August, Koldtec ( has given me a promo code for friends and family - SPARKLE16 - for $10 off, an extra strip of ice (worth $6), and free shipping Canada and USA)

So with Multiple Sclerosis, heat is no bueno.  Absolutely not good.  It's called Uhthoff's Phenomenon (please dont ask for how to pronounce that word) and it's something that we learn how to manage quickly.

Uhthoff's Phenomenon is when someone with MS overheats; the overheating then causes a worsening of symptoms.  It literally just feels like your body is shutting down; my vision goes, my legs go, my arms go, my speech goes.  It takes a few hours to a few days to rest and recover.  It's a bitch.

There are a few ways to prevent this: stay inside (: or stay cool.  I like more the stay cool techniques as I love summer and being outside.  So for six years I have lived off of ice packs, usually being as classy as can be and stuffing them down my pants and up my shirts.

Then, I met the company Koldtec (  We connected over instagram - they noticed my love for ice and I noticed they had ice.  Oh baby.