Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man down!

Sunday was an eventful day, to say the least. 

To begin, I actually had an outing....I made it to church.  Wheelchair, myself, MK shoes and all...we did it.  It was a beautiful day.


A few hours later, we had a man down incendent.  My mom had a little fall and twisted both her legs/ankles/feet.  Poor lady...at least she had good shoes on!  Though we procrastinated our Saturday pedicure and are now really regretting it.

When a man goes down, especially when this "man" is the mom, it can be very difficult for the household.  We (the kids and dad) are learning quickly all that she does for us.  Mom is learning quickly how hard it can be to just chill.  

Mom needed a break.  I just wish is was more at a tropical location instead of in our "sick chair" in our living room with her legs up.  At least we have a nice tv.

But she is healing.  And we have a GREAT community who has stepped up and arranged for dinners for us for the next week or so.  (I wont lie...when this first happened, my brain starting running a list of all the dinners I could pull from a crock-pot, frozen trader joes and how many times we could order pizza without seeming ridiculous.  So when my mom said "Elizabeth, you dont have to worry about cooking....everyone has it taken care of", I sighed the biggest (silent hah) sigh of relief.  THANK YOU...really!)  

We all hope Mommy starts feeling better soon!

I had my infusion on Monday.  My friend drove me in and the infusion center was extremely quiet, which made for a relaxing few hours.  
 The intersection I know too well.  UPMC central. 

 Infusion center time...with my drugs, sperry shoes and sparklies.  (Blog update later on where the rings are from...received a lot of compliments with regards to those)

I started this blog with the hope of ending it with the message I received this morning:
That this incident was a pseudoexacerbation due to stress.  With a combination of drugs, stress relief techniques, stretching and PT/OT practices, I will be back on my feet in no time.

However, I just received a phone call from the doctors.  Let's just say....I cant catch a break.  

I am extremely tired and wont go in to much detail now.  For those close and personal, know its not too serious.  Just another extreme stepping stone.  

Prayers and love, Eliz