Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome! and updates....

Welcome to the *new* and continued to be improved The Sparkled Life blog, with it's own domain (

I'll continue to use my tumblr are part of the media package of The Sparkled Life (fb, pinterest, instagram, etc) so do not worry if you cant find this site. (:

First, thank you for giving me the courage to create and continue creating this site.  It's been a journey (to say the least) to get to this point and I'm excited to continue documenting it.  And it's all thank's to your continued love and support.

Second, ewh.  That's how I'll explain the past week or so.  Ugly.  For some reason (we are fairly certain its a pseudo-relapse) I've relapsed to an ugly but rememberable place.  

Remember last June, when I couldnt talk, walk or use my hands very well?  That place.  

Ive spent most of the past week in bed, on meds.  What is worst this time (as I expressed earlier) is the pain.  I have terrible tremors and the HURT all over my body.  My body is never settling.  

To compensate, I was prescribed medicine to help.  Which I can tell they have had a slight effect.  

But they also have this side effect of, well, in lyric terms: "They making me crazy, dont give up on me baby".

My poor family.

On Monday, after no improvement over the weekend, I had my third lumbar puncture.  It went well, only hurt a minor bit.  So far no spinal tap headache yay!
(I will eventually give the accounts of the three lumbar punctures.  Its quite a tale.)

I've been given the ok to go back on my MS disease drug medication (my infusion) and I will start again Monday.  And then hopefully we will have a "case closed" by the end of the week.  

I wont hasnt been easy.  When it rains it poors and this week was full of thunderstorms.  

But we hold on to hope and keep our heads up and find new books to keep me occupied.  Plus, I have a princess status to uphold.

I'll get back to where I was.  Stubborn I was born.  Tired I have just become.

Hope y'all are doing well!  Dont forget about your taxes! #damn

Much love, Eliz

PS: Dad and the twins came back from their jeeping and checking out camp day (they're going on a back-packing trip).  

(If that doesnt put you in a good mood, then I'm not sure what will. LOVE!)