Tuesday, May 14, 2013

0 to 100 to crash - A Step-by-Step How to Sparkle Style

The first lesson taught to new MS sparklers is that if you push yourself too hard, it wont do you any good.  You will crash and pay for it.  

Pace yourself.  The steady one wins the race.

That is a great lesson.  And one that should be heard, learned and practiced.

However, after spending two months in bed, this lesson might not be the first one that comes to mind.

Hence, 0 to 100 to crash - A step-by-step how to Sparkle Style

Step 1: Go to Plasma Exchange.  Never stop finding the ironic theme of blood and Team Edward.

Step 2: Head home and give yourself a Vitamin B injection.  Receive a really funny card, flowers and gifts.  Laugh.  All while actually doing your hair (first time in months).

Step 3: Celebrate your bff's graduation with his MBA at the ol' Burgatory, surrounded by his family and friends.  Enjoy every moment of it.

Step 4. Reconnect with an old friend for a Starbucks.  Share thoughts, tears and be given roses.

Step 5. Celebrate your wonderful mother on Mother's day.  (She's pretty awesome).  Attend mass, go see Iron Man 3 (so good), give her a funny card.  
Know you are lucky to be a mom to the best puppy Sputnik, who gets you and his "gma" Blake Shelton tickets.  Also, send good wishes to your wonderful Grandma in Colorado.  

Step 6. Crash.  Be thankful that you were even able to have a weekend as such and then spend the next 48 hours or so in bed.  

Step 7. Go to hospital for 4th Plasma Exchange. Tell your nurse that your veins are rough and to be nice and have her not listen.  Have the nice nurse come to the rescue and find a better vein, all while having your so thought clotted vein explode and blood go everywhere.  

Step 8. Go back to bed.  Be thankful for what you have.  Know that you are getting better, even if slowly.  Drink a Starbucks.  Text a friend.  Hope.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!!