Saturday, May 25, 2013

By the Numbers...

Im a number girl.  

It comes with the territory of being in business development.  Or just being nerdy.

The goal of my job was to make it to yearly, quartley, weekly numbers.  Each morning started with "looking at the numbers". 

In personal life I was always running numbers of personal budgets, etc.  Making efficient and cost effective decisions always comes down to numbers, not always what was the cheapest.

And then there is the fact that I just love the way numbers add up.  How some dont.  The odds and the evens.  (PS: This doesnt mean that I love math.  At this point I am only stating I love numbers)

It's no secret that my fight with MS has been a little hellish lately.  I spent most of last week going back and forth with my doctor's office deciding what to do next.  Hospital or no hospital.  MRI or no MRI.  Even tried to admit me directly to rehab for treatment but my floor was full.  Oh and then there are insurance delays, gotta love those. 

So, nerdy me, decided to run some numbers to calm down a little and make me happy. 

The Sparkled Life, as what it is today, the journey of my life with Multiple Sclerosis, isnt even a year old (we're close though).  

And look at those numbers.  If I were receiving compensation based upon those, I'd be having a happy shopping trip right now.

Instead, these numbers have brought a smile to my face.  Because each number illustrates a MS Sparkler supporter, someone who believes in me, someone who believes in the fight for MS, someone who believes that we will find a cure.  

So thank you numbers.  You mean more to me than you will know. 

Enjoy your life this weekend!