Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebrity care or Reality check?

This morning a nice nurse came to our house to provide at home personal care in administrating a steroid infusion of solu-medrol.

At first thought, I was excited about this choice.  We wouldnt have to drive into the hospital for a day, I could be comfty in my own home...convenience.  Princess treatment I believe I called it.  Celebrity care as I was reminded.

But then, when it actually occured, I realized I didnt like it.  Home was my safe place.  It was where I would only let those closest to me in for it was where I would allow myself to actually be MS Eliz.  You know, the one without any make-up, who spends her days in bed, drinking Starbucks, in her lovely VS yoga pants and tanks.  

And today it was invaded by no less than steroids.  Reality check.  You know you are sick when....

But the nurse was pleasant.  And the infusion went smooth.  Like always, I have yet to find relief, only side effects.  

Today these side effects are leaning more towards how much I miss my friends.  I want everyone to come over now.  If steroids can come, so can the world.  

I miss my friends, near and far.  I miss my brother and my sister.  I miss my Grandma.  I miss driving my little sports car, given to me about 5 years ago (how time flies).  I miss going to the mall.  I miss.  I just miss it.  And there is nothing I can do because I've picked the worst time to miss these people.  Finals, new jobs, new is moving on and spring is busy.  People who I know would drop over in an instance cant right now.  And I just have to deal with it (and the growing fact that these emotions are in a long play due to my drugs) and wait just a few more weeks.  Maybe then I will be human and alive again.

Regardless, I survived day two.  We left the IV in which is weird also, being that I'm sleeping in my own bed with a needle in my arm.  But given the fact my nerves are tricky, best solution.  

Final answer: I'm going with celebrity care.  Especially since I wore my new local celebrity LA shirt today.  "The best things in life are love".

Amen to that.

Love, Eliz