Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things About Me Part 2

Today I am so over MS.  I'm so over needles and blood and drugs and things not working.  So over applying for disability and all the hurdles they make you run through.  I'm over it all, for today anyway.

Plasma exchange part two began with a very rough start, digging and digging in my vein until finally another nurse came and said "let's start anew".  I'm still bleeding, my arm hurts and I have a nasty battle wound growing.  Ugly.  

 I was gifted with roses  and beer today.  That was definitely a positive.

So, due to me being so over MS, I decided it'd be a great opportunity to focus on me. (;  Or rather, things about me.

I did part 1 about 9 months ago (can be found here:  

It was a great exercise then, reminding me that though I have rough days and might have a disease that is mean to me, I still have some fun and interesting qualities and history.  So here we go again (and again, I encourage you to do the same exercise.  It's fun!)

  • I would love to own a Range Rover, even though it doesnt fit in the "Jeep or BMW only" category.
  • Shopping is an activity that I best enjoy alone.  If I need an opinion, I'll text a picture. 
  • I despise Mayo.  Even just looking at it makes me gag.
  • I think brick streets are beautiful.  No matter how ghetto the houses/area are surrounding it.
  • I have lived in the ghetto.  I lived a block away from a shoot out.  Upon hearing fireworks, I would always drop to the floor.  You never knew.  (I should probably clarify that this "ghetto" was during my college years).
  • I can listen to a song on repeat for hours.
  • I love mail, sending and receiving.  The fact the post office might not be delivering mail on Saturdays makes me sad. 
  • My longest relationship was 1 year, 10 months.  
  • Once my mom left for the weekend with the words "when I come back, I dont want it to look like a tornado came through!".  An hour before she arrived home, a tornado came through our town, destroying shopping malls, houses, my high-school.  It wasnt our fault.
  • My highschool was as large as my college, student population wise.
  • In highschool I worked at the local ice cream hut/hang-out.  It was fabulous.  To this day, I can still do a pretty good twist soft serve.
  • Ron Paul is my very favorite politician.  
  • I was notorious for locking the keys in a certain car.  We definitely got our AAA money out of that one.
  • Ive watched the movie Titanic close to 100 times, if not over.
  • I once convinced a group of kids that I was a real life princess.  They (and mom) believed me.  It was fabulous. 
  • When little, I would sign my name and say "Be sure to keep this, I'll be famous someday".  Such a princess.
  • I love men in suits.  Its a weakness.
  • My love language is gift-giving.  I love to give gifts (even if its small) as well as receiving.  
  • My family and I have spent the night with a pack of coyotes.  They were so close you could feel and hear them sniffing our scents.  I dont think my sister, brother and I have ever snuggled that much in one night.
  • One of my pet peeves is when people complain about having too much to do (Im not going to say I never commit this crime).  Just do it.  
  • I believe the welfare system needs to be re-evaluated. 
  • Fashion is powerful.
  • With regards to friends, quality over quantity always trumps.  
  • I've gone over a waterfall in a kayak with my sister.  (I wont admit how large the waterfall was).
  • Once while babysitting my siblings, I got this great idea to make a fire for smores.  So we used one of mom's pots, got some sticks from the backyard, used some lighter fluid and started a fire.  Ruined the pot.  Burned the patio table. Almost set the deck on fire.  Still thought of as a cool babysitter by my siblings.
  • I love champagne.  Bubbles.
  • A rule was more clearly defined in the college handbook due to my, um, abilities to work around rules.
  • I dont believe in soul mates.  I believe in love.  I believe in falling in love.  But the thought of one person out there just for you doesnt work for me.  Im not that romantic.
  • However, Im romantic enough to love the idea of a prince charming arriving without any effort.  But then Im a realist too. (:
  • The best days end with good night and love you's, either said or through text.
  • I believe your work reflects your determination.  If you want that great job with a fabulous office, then I better see your butt working for it.  It rubs me when people are handed things in life.   
  • I believe there should be a book written about Abe Licoln and his "real life".  His real, cocaine buying (I have read proof of this), depressed life.  The title: "The Other Side of the Penny".
  • I make up words, often, without realizing that they arent words.
  • I have a very quick rebound rate.  Give me 10 minutes to cool off and I'll come back, apologizing for anything I've done wrong and then go on living in life.
  • Unless I run away from home.  Then I may be gone for a while.  (;
  • My overall goal in life is to get through to my last day with a smile, no enemies, have learned from my regrets, and ready for the next stage of heaven, where I hope they serve Starbucks. (Wouldnt it be awesome to drink Starbucks with God? Yes.)
  • I look forward to eventually turning this all in to a book.
  • When I cry, my whole face turns ugly.  I try not to cry when people can see me.
  • I dont have any special talents, like touching my nose with my tongue.  I cant even throw a yo-yo.  And I'm ok with that.
  • My favorite place to be is on the shore.  My second favorite is on top of a mountain.  
  • My family tree is quite interesting.  And I learn something new all the time about it.  I love it.o
  • I feel better about life after writing down things about me. The end.

Have a great day sparklers!!