Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's girl

I happily proclaim that I'm a full blown daddy's girl, daddy's little princess and will remain that way no matter how old I get. 

Just like all my family, he supports me. He makes me laugh. He helps find the silver lining in all the challenges of this journey. 

I know it's hard for him to see his little girl in this situation. But that only makes him stronger, for all of us. 

My dad works and has worked incredibly hard to give our family a very fortunate and happy life. We have a lovely house, nice cars, take family vacations...all because he works hard for his family. 

He's the garage master, the cycling king, the ankle attention seeking, best daddy there ever was. 

Thank you Dad. For everything. 

Today the family came to visit for a Father's Day brunch (second year in a row...this will not become a tradition!). It was a lovely time and made my Sunday. 

(I love this picture

(Leave it to me to ruin such a cute picture)

(Completely normal)

Family, at the end of the day, is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be given. 

Happy Father's Day to all of my "adoptive" fathers, my grandpa's in heaven looking over me, all the men mentors in my life and to all fathers. It's a special gift you give to us!!

Love, Eliz