Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It's like it was just a year ago I was here.  

Hospital bed, typing on my iPad, rehab schedule. 

(Love my gma blanket? Perfect accessory I know)

Oh wait, I was. (:

Yes, I'm back at Mercy Rehab for hopefully a short while. They were very excellent last time with helping me "get back on my feet" and were hopeful for the same this time around. Just a shorter visit. 

I'm not entirely enthused to be back.  But it feels very familiar as everyone seems to remember me (a good or bad thing verdict still out) and I annoy the food crew with my very specific meal arrangements. I'm sharing a room this time and am facing the front side so get to do a lot of people watching instead of water gazing. Should be fun. 

Mercy has this great program where you can send little love notes to patients and it greatly made my days last time. If you'd like to send a little note of encouragement, visit Room 7005-2. 

Much love! Eliz