Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finding the Sparkle

It's happening.  

The sparkle is coming back. 

In full strides.

This week I feel back ALIVE which is 1, a wonderful feeling and 2, something I havent felt in months.  

An appointment pending Monday is keeping me a little hush on the current situation however once it is passed I look forward to sharing.  

Because I think the lesson I have learned the past few weeks is something that we can all learn from; that is, in summary, taking your health into your own hands and not trusting it fully to the medical system.  Believing in your own power to improve.

That and there is so much power in Sparkle.  I've been so sick that I lost it; or at least most of it.  But then I decided that that's ridiculous because you can never lose your sparkle.  

You can only shine brighter. 

Here's to shining!!