Thursday, July 25, 2013

Team Sparkle Bike MS: City to Shore 2013

Yes its that time of year again...Team Sparkle Bike MS: City to Shore 2.0!!

While the participants of Team Sparkle start prepping their butts for the long bike ride, we are again looking to grow our team to VIP status with the help of YOU, the lovely donor sparkle supporters. 

Last year Team Sparkle raised over $12,000 through a lot of wonderful donors.  This provided Team Sparkle with the encouragement and hope needed to bike the 185 miles from Philadephia to Ocean City, NJ and back.  

The whole overall experience was, in a way, breathtaking.  For me personally, each $1 donated meant someone believed in my fight, in my hope.  It also was amazing to witness not only my loved ones but 1000s of strangers sacrificing a weekend to bike for my cause.  

The money donated did more than give me hope; it went straight towards improving my quality of life.  A portion of the money raised through Bike MS rides throughout the country goes towards research and development, specifically to find medicines that help manage MS. 

Over the past year I have tried 2 MS management drugs, not responding to either category.  This was extremely discouraging for the next option was the Chemotherapy levels (obviously something to be avoided for as long as possible).  

But, with the help of the money from the MS Society - Bike MS, a new drug was approved called Tecfidera on March 21st (my 1 year MS anniversary...convenient).  This drug is oral (meaning no needle injections three times a week or monthly infusions!!) as well as very promising.  Im in my first month currently and hopefully in the next few months will know the affect it is having on managing my MS.

For those that donated last year, thank you!!  It may have only been $30 but that generous amount helped provide me with medical stability and hope, as well as kept me out of the chemo world.  

This year's ride is starting out even more special as Bike MS: City to Shore has asked me to be involved on a few different levels with regards to promotions.  

I was humbled to be a part of their postcard campaign (see below) as well as they asked me to provide a few words at their opening meeting, all around the theme of "Why we ride".  I've had the opportunity to get to know some of the members of their team and am honored to be volunteering along side them.  They are just fabulous!!

This year Team Sparkle's Goal is $5000 and our team members are Brian (my daddy), Connor (brother), Kevin and John (twin brothers), Tonya (my mom aka Captain Team Sparkle) and myself (yay!!!).  

There are three ways in which you can be a part of Team Sparkle:

2. Promote Team Sparkle (create awareness by sharing Team Sparkle's information and donate page)
3. Join Team Sparkle in riding the race yourself!!  There are a few different routes to choose from and we would love to have additions to our team!! (visit the donate page for more information:

Anyway you choose to be a part of Team Sparkle is greatly appreciated!!  I look forward to seeing the rewards from this campaign and sharing the updates with you!

Love and thankful,