Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Sparkle Life Takes a Vacay

It goes without saying the past few months have been a little chaotic / intense.  

So to compensate for the lack of relaxation and entertainment, I packed my bags and headed East for a vacation.  

I also took a little break from writing; sometimes you just need a rest.  That and it's a little difficult to type.  Perhaps Physical Therapy for my phalanges in the future (I love that word).

My trip started with a few days in Philadelphia visiting my best friend Regina.  We did what we do best; that is, sitting on the couch in our matching pj's, watching tv and looking up random facts online.  

Yes, we really are that cool.  

One of the days while Reg was off being an adult and went to work, I headed to the coast to visit Ocean City.  It was extremely hot (with humidity levels a feel like temp of 115) but it was fun.  

I pulled extreme shoobieness (a shoobie is one who does not follow proper beach etiquette) and walked the boardwalk with a huge golf umbrella to protect myself from the sun.  People already stare due to the third metal leg that I decided it couldnt do much more damage.  

After a few days in Philly/NJ, I headed south back to the area of DC/NOVA.  I spent the first night going to a baseball game with my old company 3Pillar Global.  (Have I mentioned how great they are to me?  Check out their website). 

That was probably the hottest I've been all year; put 1000s of people together in a stadium with no breeze in 100 degree weather and watch what happens.  Sweat, smelly, sticky people everywhere.  It was very nice though; Im fortunate to have worked with some amazing people who I can call my friends. 

Saturday I spent with an old friend from my campaign days.  We lunched at a fabulous place in Old Town Alexandria, one of my favorite places in the area.  After 3 and a half hours of chatting and catching up on life I realized that there are just some people that God designed to have in your life.  She is definitely one of them.

Sunday I pulled a fabulous prank on my friend Kimberly.  Neither one of us had told the other that we were going to be in DC that weekend however I saw on her facebook that she was indeed in town.  So I had this great idea to call three times and leave a brief message of "Please call me" while sounding distraught.  She called back very concerned, to which I carried out the distraughtness, asking her where she was.  When she replied DC it was a great opportunity to change attitude to happiness and "guess too!!!!".  

I realized after that I probably shouldnt pull these type of pranks on people.  She was concerned that I was given a few more months to live or that I was back in the hospital.  Whoops.  (:

Monday I lunched with some co-workers and past co-workers.  I then spent the afternoon in the office, sitting in on a business meeting.  It was fun to see some of the old clients I had worked with as well as some of the processes I helped put in place still around.  It was also enjoyable to see how far the company has come in the past year and few months.  

Being in the NOVA area was a little challenging at times.  That's where I was when all hell broke loose on my life.  That's where I was building a professional future.  That's where I had independence.  

In reality however, who I have become today wouldnt handle NOVA very well.  The overcrowded population, the lack of available parking, the unfriendliness of people on the street...these are all things that arent very sought out for in my life.  

There are moments in days where I really and truly dislike Multiple Sclerosis, the fact that I have it, the fact that I have an aggressive case, the fact that I have Parkinsonism, the fact that Im disabled (there's a lot to dislike currently). 

Overall though I am thankful.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to have a slower paced life, to live in a city where you can get from one side to the other in less than 30 minutes.  To have established friendships that dont need hyped up outings to be considered fun; a Starbucks coffee date will do.  To have a new perspective on life and how to live it, to not take a moment for granted for you never know what tomorrow will bring or take.  

Its challenging to have this thought process I wont deny.  And though I had a nice vacation, the stress that it took on my body is significant.  It would be easier to not take vacations or leave the house or keep my head it. 

But then I'd have no adventures to write about. 


PS:  Please take the time and enjoy watching my audition video for The Voice.  I think I have great potential.

Found here : The Voice Audition Take 1