Friday, August 30, 2013

19 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Like Having a Kid

Inspired by Sputnik

1. They sleep in funny positions.

2. They like to dress up in your clothes.

3. As their mom you can be a bit overprotective of them.

4. Slowly they start adapting / giving in to your interior design tastes.

5. They love when mommy takes selfies.

Ok not maybe every time.

6. They learn to love being worn around in a backpack.

7. You do your best to keep them up to date with the newest fashion statements.

8. Sometimes they pull a "teenager" on you and you just cant tell if they're happy, sad or violent.

9. They love to get their make-up done like their mom.

10. Their Grandma spoils them rotten.

11. You document every single moment of their first day of school.

And just are so proud when they start reading and doing their homework.

Though half the time they're really doing this:

12. Every moment in their life is worth a picture.

13. And your iPhone photo screen looks like this:

14. They are spoiled and loved by all their aunts and uncles.

15. You spoil them with treats after they've been good.

16. They love Christmas.

Like really love Christmas

17. They'll wear any Pinterest inspired Halloween outfit as long as it means they get treats.

18. They smile when they see you...which makes your heart melt.

19. But most importantly they love you no matter what, because you are their mom.

(and Sputnik)