Thursday, August 8, 2013


I was introduced to Blake Shelton my freshman year of college by my roommate Mary (today also happens to be her and her twin sister's birthday...happy birthday Mary and Ann!!).

We listed to Blake's song "Austin" on repeat for many hours.  It was one of our top 5 song staples.

Mom started to fall in love with Blake after watching a few seasons of The Voice.  She had made a comment that if he ever came to Pittsburgh, he would be a fun person to see in concert.  

I took that as a strong lead and got her tickets for Mother's Day....Im not sure how serious she was but she sure as heck enjoyed the concert!!

Got my boots ready.

Even though Mom grew up "on the range" and in small town USA, we didnt really have country clothes.  We still looked cute though.

We ordered to go Chipotle however they forgot to give us utensils / we didnt check.  So we managed with chips and lettuce like wrap bites.  And for drink we were classy and brought little bottles of champagne we were testing for my sister's wedding.

We had great seats!  A benefit of being disabled.

And I convinced Mom to do a silly picture.

I love this venue.

I had seen Blake when he had opened for Brad Paisley a few years ago and again, he did not disappoint.  

There's a trait in him that I find very remarkable...his ability to overcome hardship.  As you may know, Blake had a brother who passed away when he was young in a car accident (Blake's wife Miranda recently recorded a song "Over You" which they wrote in his brother's memory.  And yes, I may talk about them as if they are close friends).  

Whether a celebrity or not, losing a sibling has got to be one of the worst things to endure.  I could see taking the easy way and going through life with a chip on your shoulder of sadness due to what was lost. 

But instead Blake has embraced life and his gifts.  He lives loud and large and with a smile on his face.  That hurt is still there but he embraces it and moves on.

It's encouraging to watch a man write a song with the lyrics "Chew tobacco, spit" to sharing his heart and emotions in front of 27,000 people while performing acoustically the song "Over You" for his brother. 

How easier we can find joy in life when we share our hurts and our sufferings.  It reminds us we are never alone!!

And if you get the chance, go see Blake!  Embrace your BS side.