Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My MOH Wedding Toast to my Sister

My MOH and wedding toast to my beautiful sister and the love of her life.

When my parents got married 30 years ago, my mom had a certain dream for her future and her future children.  4 girls, Little Women type tea parties, dress ups in the attic.

So when she started off with me, a girl, she thought she was right on track.  Then came Courtney, which furthered her enthusiasm.  And then there was....Timmy, Connor, Kevin and John.

Even though she didnt get the 4 girls she had hoped for, she tried her best with the two girls she did have.  We had all things girly...even matching school girl outfits for our American Girl doll collections.

But unforunately, Courtney and I werent too into it.  We let our dolls get dusty.  For who needs dolls when you have baby brothers every few years you can dress up?

Courtney and I also didnt spend much time concerning ourselves with future wedding dreams.  We knew we wanted to marry handsome, wholesome men but that was as far as we went.  Instead of playing dress up bride, we dressed up as old grannies, rocking out to Blues Travelers, pretending we were Elvis Presley's grandmas.

As the older sister, there were certain things I felt obligated to teach Courtney.  Things such as when you want permission to do something, you go to Dad first and ask when he's working on the car.

There were some things I left out, such as when she pulled all her hair tightly back and wore baggy t-shirts, she kinda looked like a boy.

But then there's some things she didnt share either.  Like only telling Timmy Santa Claus doesnt exist and allowing me to believe till I was in the 5th grade.

Even thought Courtney was the younger sister, she made sure to teach me a few positive things.  She made sure I always washed my hands and that it was more polite to say "pardon me" than "huh?".

Most recently she's showed me the power of love in hard time, as she held my hand as the doctor told me my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosos.  She is one of my biggest and most loving supporters in my sparkling fight.  I am able to shine because of her love.

But more importantly, Courtney has showed me how to be in love through her relationship with Allen.  Sure, he started out as the Jesus long-haired look alike kid who was "just a friend". 

 But we all knew, deep down, he was something more.

I've watched over the the past 5 years as your relationship has grown, blossomed.  There's no magic, it's not a fairy tale.  But your love is better than any Disney movie or dare I say even the Notebook.

For this, this is real.

 Today is a special day for it's a celebration of love with our closest friends and family.  But Allen and Courtney show what's even more special than their wedding day - their marriage.  They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll fight, they'll throw pies at each other (oh wait....that was my parents).  They'll have kids, hike mountains, grow old.

And they'll do it all together, choosing to love each other no matter what.  And that is the most beautiful thing that could ever be shared.

Allen, today you didnt just marry Courtney Martin.  You married my little sister.  I should say that I am now entrusting you to love her, protect her, speak loud enough for her to hear, calm her down when she's stressed, make sure to climb the rocks first so she knows what is the best path.  But I know you already will.

Which is why I agreed to let you marry her.

Let's raise our glasses in toast, to the best real life romantic love story of 2013, the marriage of Courtney and Allen.

Love you Courtney more than anything; thanks for being my favorite sister.  And love always to my new favorite Brother-in-Law.