Friday, September 20, 2013

Bike MS - Thank you!!

We are headed out to Ocean City tomorrow for a week at the beach and prepping for the Bike MS: City to Shore ride next weekend.  We are all very excited!

This could not have been possible without our various donors and we are humbly grateful for every dollar donated.  As I've stated before, this not only goes towards the cause of finding continuous developments in the MS movement but it provides HOPE for those that suffer from this disease.

For more information on Bike MS City to Shore or to make a donation visit our page here.  

You can follow our journey on instagram by following me @thesparkledlife here or searching #teamsparkle.

It's been a rough month (hence the lack of posts) and to top it off I have developed bronchitis (yay!!). 

But I am determined to ride my 25 mile portion of the race on my lovely recumbent bicycle. 

Life is full of surprises.  Diagnosed with MS was quite a surprise.  Becoming disabled an even further one.  Developing Secondary Parkinson's Disease on top of MS was icing on the cake.  And it's only been 18 months! 

So to be honest, as excited as I am to spend a week at my favorite Jersey shore island, Im not too happy about the reason as to why. 

Having all of you, especially those that donated to our team, behind me, encouraging me, helps bring me peace.

And peace really is the most beautiful gift that can be obtained on this earth.

So again, THANK YOU!!!!

Let's go kick some butt!  Or for those biking 150 miles...get your butt kicked.  (;

Much love,