Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sparkle in the Big City

After spending a week at the beach, I took the train (I was very enthusiastic about this train ride experience) with my bestie Regina back to Philly to spend the week with her.

After a day of recovering from Bike MS, we took a trip to the Big Apple, the lovely New York City for a taping of The Bethenny Show.

A couple weeks ago Regina suggested that I request tickets for a taping...but I requested the wrong date.  Which actually worked in our favor in the end as the day that I ended up receiving tickets was when I was planning on visiting her.  Life just works out sometimes. 

We bused up early in the morning and brought class to our trip with a trip to The Plaza's Champagne Bar after exploring a little bit.

 We taxied over to The Bethenny's studio at noon and found ourselves in line with over 100's of other ladies doing the same.  

There was a lot of estrogen and a lot of color (the producers asked that the audience wear bright colors and of course I packed all black without realizing.  Regina brought a colorful scarf...just in case).

Due to my third leg / crutch, we were taken through the back entrance to the elevator which was through CBS studios.  It was pretty cool walking the halls of so many legends.  

After much waiting we were finally seated in the studio.  Before the show they bring in a comedian to get the crowd going.  As she was picking people from the audience to come down for a dance show-down, I was waving and pointing behind Regina "pick her!!!".  Sure enough...Regina was picked and brought her dance moves.  I was such a proud bff. 

It was really fun to see how a show is taped.  Personally I'm not sure how long Bethenny will have as a career in tv show hosting but it was still fun to be a part of.  

Excited for a quiet bus ride home, we hoped in a taxi and breathed a sigh of a long day.  It was at that moment that all of NYC decided to be going exactly the direction we were headed, creating quite a traffic mess.  We missed our bus by a few moments. 

But fortunately I was with quite the city girl and she navigated our way back to Philly.  

Although it took me a few days to recover, it was a very rewarding trip.  People stare less in a big city which is a nice relief.  But it also makes you more aware of your limitations as everything requires walking and stares.  

I look forward to my next tv show taping (Im hoping for Jimmy Fallon or SNL) as well as my next visit with the bff.  I'm very fortunately to have such good friends.