Monday, October 7, 2013

Team Sparkle 2013

In the wise words of Elle Woods,


It was a great time being back in Ocean City and leading up to the big weekend.  

Sunday we spent the afternoon on the boardwalk for a corvette festival. 


The parents celebrated their 30 year anniversary (I know 30 years!! Go them!!!)

We spent the days training and prepping our butts.  Afternoons we spent in the sun experiencing the gorgeous weather.  We even got some sun!

Saturday arrived and the boys and daddy started out very early for their first day of 75 miles (ok it was really around 80 thanks to a road closed) and I met them for the last 25.

Yep, I was able to do the goal of 25 miles!!!  I took my MS and we went for quite the ride.  Riding a recumbent tricycle is quite the experience (you work twice as hard) and by the end I couldnt feel my feet.  And while two years ago 25 miles was just a Saturday ride, I crossed that finish line with a huge smile of accomplishment.

We rode to the end in a group, the boys riding as my "protectors".  So cute.

Two of my best friends came to support my ride.  

My little me Kimberly.

   My bestie Regina.
And yes we have matching pj's.  It's what the cool kids do.

Overall, a fabulous adventure and it could not have been achieved without the wonderful people who contributed to Team Sparkle.  THANK YOU!!!

Thank you also to the whole team who put together Bike MS: City to Shore!  It was a pleasure to work with the team on promoting the ride and am so thankful to all the volunteers who gave of their time to support.  

All of it provides such hope!

Next year we will possibly looking to grow our team so if you're a fan of the shore, cycling, starbucks and matching pjs (ok that part is voluntary) just might want to join Team Sparkle. 

Love (and again THANK YOU!),

PS: My bike had an extra addition this very own Starbucks cup holder.  #hellyeah