Friday, October 11, 2013

The Dash

The problem with going to bed at 8:30pm is that my body wakes up at 2:30am ready for the day.  My sleeping patterns have become that of a college student again.

We've all heard the saying "You never know what tomorrow will bring."

It can be used in positive events, as in look on the bright side of life, or in situations that are negative, it couldnt possibly be worst than today.

I woke up yesterday and my legs didnt work.  Definitely didnt know that's what the tomorrow would bring.

My legs not working is nothing new- it's actually the symptom that led me to the hospital for my diagnosis.  

And even though I've had months to regain control of my legs and have been to rehab twice to relearn how to walk, waking up and hopping out of bed only to stagger and grab something to hold so you wont fall down is always a shocker.  I'll never get use to it.

When your legs dont work there really isnt much you can do except lay in bed, get some rest and hope that it's only temporary.

It was during my "resting" that I remembered a story I once read.  It was a speech given by a man at his friend's funeral. 

He talked about when a person dies, their spot on this earth is guarded by a tombstone.  And on this tombstone are very important items: Their name, their life's achievement (ie "mom, dad, sister, brother, friend") and two dates, the year born and the year passed.

But the most important thing on that tombstone is "the dash", the little line - that connects the years of their life.  For this dash symbolizes their entire life.  What they actually did, or didnt do, during their years on this earth.  

A dash is a dash...nothing fancy (unless you do a swiggly dash like this ~).  What makes it the most memorable is how a person lives. 

I may be young to think deeply about my dash, about my life.  However, when your life is faced with such uncertainty as mine has in the past few months, I cant help but study.

Today I couldnt walk.  Yesterday I could with a crutch.  2 years ago I could run.  

I could get caught up in the movement of pity (and sometimes its so easy to fall in to).  But by grace I'm able to (mostly) not. 

Because I've lived a great life.  I've seen some of the most beautiful places on this earth.  I've traveled.  I've studied.  I've made mistakes (a lot of them).  I've read.  I've found my own personal style.  I've loved.  I've hurt.  I've been hurt.  I've laughed...oh how I've laughed.  I've cried.  I've lost.  I've won.  I've had multiple short lived careers.  I've driven fast cars.  I've driven an ugly car.  I've been humiliated.  I've been spontaneous.  I've slept for days.  I've made some of the best friends I could ever have.  I've made memories that I'll never forget with my family.  I've prayed.  

By remembering my dash, the full bounty of my life, it makes it easier to overcome the days that seem like hell.  

My dash, though I hope far from over, has been a beautiful journey.  It's helped me to adapt my life's attitude to my life motto : Though not every day is good, there is good in everyday. 

To living our dashes!