Wednesday, November 20, 2013

26 Things I Learned being 26

Tomorrow will be my 27th birthday (yay!!). 

Last year at this time I was recovering from a relapse.  My best friends came over bringing gifts and love as well as my whole family was here to shower me with birthday celebrations.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.

But as I went to ponder on my birthday wish, I thought to myself that 26 couldnt possibly be worst than the year before.

I was wrong.  This past year sucked.  There were some beautiful highlights (vacations, being with friends/family, my sister getting married, finishing BikeMS).  The highlights were flashes of sparkle that I so adored but aside from these, sparkle was hard to find.

Yet, like all years, it was a learning year.  Hence, what I learned being 26.

1. Travel.  See the world yes but travel to friends.  Spend quality time together.  Build memories.

2. Cleveland Clinic doctor said I would never be able to walk again.  Doctor's really underestimate my determination and ability to work hard.

3. I'm so thankful to all who donate blood and plasma.  There's nothing truly like having all your blood transfused out and having a donor's plasma put in.

4. The tale of a true friendship is how cute we look in matching pj's.

5. It's better to laugh than cry when you fall down.

6. My crutch makes an excellent air guitar when dancing at weddings.

7. Your younger siblings will grow up as you do; hold on to all the memories.

8. My favorite thing to do in June is to spend a few weeks at UPMC Mercy rehab (second year in a row...we're not hoping for a tradition).

9. Blake Shelton is fabulous in concert.

10. My family really really likes the song Born to Run by The Boss.  

11. The most important speech you will ever make is the one you give at your sister's wedding.

12. I turn grey when I look and feel like death.

13. There's a beautiful discovery in being single.

14. Though I really wish all my friends lived in the same town, hell state, hell country...I'm thankful that our friendships are strong enough to last distances. 

15. Secondary Parkinson's disease can happen at the age of 26.  The chances are slim to none but it can happen.

16. I'm blessed with the best friends and best family a girl could have.  And that we are all comfortable enough to take silly pictures together.  And we stay in touch with snapchat, group texting and snail mail.

17. Happiness starts with believing you are happy.  Everything else will fall in line.

18. If there is a good reason to, cry.  Let it out.  It's a beautiful emotion and you will feel so much better after.

19. A book is an excellent distraction from real life.  

20. Starbucks gets even better as you age.  It's like good wine.

21. Accepting my MS is a better life motto than fighting it. 

22. I respond better when you say "you look like shit" than "you look so good!".  Go figure.

23. God sometimes lets us hit rock bottom so we remember than He is the rock.

24. The beach is overwhelmingly good for my health.

25. I still havent come to terms with the fact that I qualify to be in the group "Rights of Persons with Disabilities".  I just want to pretend my disabilities are extra sparkles.

26. This year was rough.  I thought I was dying.  Im held together with medicine.  But I'm still alive.  I'm still sparkling.  I'm getting stronger every day.  27 is so going to be a better year.

To birthdays and better days!!