Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 When I began this blog many months ago, I did not expect it to become what it has blossomed to be. 

I started writing on a tumblr out of efficiency, to help keep those connected to me up to date with my overall status.  An open letter of sharing my sparkle to the many people who loved, cared and supported me. 

I did not expect it to grow into what it has today: a tool connecting me to once strangers now friends.  A way to share my story in hope for an awareness to a disease that does not have much.  A site which gains 100's of views daily.  (So humbled and thankful to everyone who reads and supports my story!)

There has been a drag of posts lately and mostly this is due to my overall re-evaluation of my life with MS.  As stated before, I was spending my days fighting MS.  Searching in circles for answers that are not there.

When one day I decided to stop fighting and rather accept.  Accept that I now have a friend named MS and it is here to stay.  

During this time I thought long and hard about the future of TSL blog.  Do I continue writing?  Do I keep posting my interpersonal stories of my journey through life with MS?  Do I just leave a goodbye letter and leave the past posts available for research?  Or do I end it all together?

It was then that I started to receive letters, from friends and strangers, of support.  Of how my story was impacting their lives.  And through these letters, their stories started to impact my own, again.  

The Sparkled Life is my story yes.  But it is also the story of a person who's life was turned upside down.  This can be a story anyone relates to, it can be the face of millions of people.  Everyone has trails; everyone has suffering.  We all have a story that can relate to pain. 

I've accepted that I have MS but I'm not going to accept that my life is doomed because of the MS.  Im going to embrace it and thus embrace life.  

Yes, I am limited.  Yes, I am weak.  No, this does not mean life is any easier.  

What it does mean is that despite everything, life is still beautiful.  And I'm going to make sure that the beauty that I am able to experience, even with my MS, is a vision of hope.  Which is why at the end of the day I will continue sparkling as a blogger.  

I'm good at sparkling.  My mom says I should claim it as my full time job.  Nice life right? (;

So yay.  I'm back.  I'm home, physically (as in I just got back from a 3 week vacation...more on that later) and as TSL blogger.  

Pellegrino to celebrate anyone?