Wednesday, April 30, 2014



I guess it so happens I'm not so good at keeping new year's resolutions.

Aka The Sparkled Life blogging is making a 2014 comeback.

(ya baby!!)

Ive done much thinking about this decision.  I struggled to determine exactly what route I wanted to take as a blogger.

The most popular and "cutesie" blogs out there usually fall under three categories: 
DIY, wifey, motherhood (and usually a mix of all three).

Here's the issue...I'm actually pretty terrible at DIY, I'm not a wifey yet, and motherhood just isnt my thing at this time (besides you have to actually have a baby for that part...go figure).

So as I was comparing my past, current, and future blog life with those most popular and cute, I wasnt measuring up. 

That's when I realized that I wasnt suppose to be measuring up to those blogs.  I had a stance, a platform so different.  One that needs to be expressed, because unfortunately, there is little awareness about it. 

And that platform, ladies and gents, is my life with multiple sclerosis, aka The Sparkled Life. 

I may be horrible with a hot glue gun but I've gotten pretty damn good at living with ms.  And that's what I can share: my story, my secrets, my struggles.

So here we are again...two years after I first started TSL I find myself logged back in and ready to share.  

Eek.  I'm even a little bit excited about it.  Who would've thought?  

Here we go, another chapter sparklers!

PS: check out @thesparkledlife on instagram to see what's been going on these past 120 days