Monday, June 9, 2014

Bridal Shower Repost

A little over a year ago I, with some lovely help from family friends, put together a bridal shower for my sister, who will be celebrating who one year wedding anniversary this August.

The posts I pinned have been getting a lot of response on pinterest so I thought I would do a little repost from

Much love!

As previously mentioned, I covered some of the bases for my sister’s bridal shower, which was lovely.
Here are a few of the turn-outs:

The “I DO” door hanger:

1. Gather supplies (letters, paint, ribbon, glue)

(I wonder if my parents mind me using my window seat as my painting/crafting bench?)

2. Glue items together, hang on door. Easy as that!

The “Wedding Bells” Sign:

1. Gather supplies (poster board, paint, frame, print-outs).  Glue together.

The “Instagram our Wedding”
1. Instagram is an easy way to collect pictures from your guests for showers and wedding.  Here’s how I advertised it.

The “Through the Years” Collage
1. Gather Supplies: Frame or Mirror, wrapping paper, duck tape frame, pictures, tape)

2. Put together and hang on wall.

The “Thank you Favors”
1. Pittsburgh is known for it’s Sarris Candy.  So to leave some Pittsburgh spirit behind, we decided to use their chocolate bars as the base of the favors. 

2. Around the bars I put a black glitter band, two hearts and a “thanks” tag.

Bridal Games
1. The Who Knows the Bride best game! (Printable available by request at

Thankfully, Mom won. (:

 The Pinterest Game
An original game that I highly recommend to anyone planning a shower soon.  The Pinterest Game.

It’s the perfect game.  You have a bunch of girls/women together, discussing weddings, babies, decorations, etc.  Pinterest is bound to be a popular subject. Which is why if it goes public, buy stock.

This moment captures the game in action.  Shower guest Sarah was gloating about how many “pins” she had; which by doing so, lost her her pins.

And the prizes.  My favorite.

Overall, it was a great party and I had fun with my activities and projects.  Though MS thought I kinda overdid it (when does it not?)

Happy Bridal Shower sis!

PS: This isnt my doing but that of our wonderful friends and hosts…the table settings and the food (beautiful and delicious!)