Thursday, July 24, 2014


Pick me up, oh, from the bottom
Up to the top, love, everyday
Pay no mind to taunts or advances
I take my chances on everyday

Its no big secret that Dave Matthews is one of my favorites.  And the above lyrics I hope illustrate a reason as to why. 

I've secretly (ok maybe not secretly) been adapting this song as my life anthem as of late.

Meaning, Ive just been living, everyday. 

Taking my chances, everyday.

It's hard.  Im no way closer to being healed.  In fact, Im probably taking some extra years off.  

But Im happy.  And Im living.  And I get to be again.  

I know its also difficult for those around me; they want to fight for that cure.  They want to fight for that answer.  They want to fight for me. 

Is it too hippie like to just say instead of fighting lets dance?  Lets talk?  Lets love?

There is a quote that I love from Voltaire,

 "The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease". 

Shoot.  How much more simpler could I summarize all that I have learned thus far?  

Life lately has been an exciting adventure and I am so looking forward to the next chapters.

This past week I had the opportunity to go to Philly to see the bestie Regina.  We had some delicious foods and sported my awesome walking skills throughout the city.  #nbd

Next I traveled through the various East Coast cities to find myself in Washington DC.  DC trips are always a little rough.  This is where I was diagnosed.  This is where The Sparkled Life began, and it wasnt a pretty beginning.  

It helps though when I get to see some of my favorite people like my good friend and mentor Bobby, his wife Patti, and friend Mike.

(Oh and yes, I chopped off my hair.  Over 12 inches.  With my "dead" arm, the long hair was just too much to handle.  So short hair it is.  Thanks MS for always making me so fashionable. #jk)

Saturday I had the opportunity to go and see/experience/dance with Phillip Phillips and OAR and it was, amazing.  I cant even.  

Like the best ever.

A lot of fun, a lot of adventure, a lot of good words.  Mike and I are obviously #winning at life in this picture. 

Living is fun again.  Im so thankful.  In the dark of the night I do get nervous about the future and by the future I mean like tomorrow.  Everything is progressing so fast.  But then I just take a breath, remember God's love, and brace for the impact.  Everyday, I'm living.

If you are sick, if you have a disease that limits your ability to "live", do not be discouraged.  Do not be afraid.  You are not alone and life is not over.  Far from it.

Yes, you might not be able to live the same life as before; but this means you get a make-over.  Which is kind of awesome.

Here are a few things that I find help the process of living "everyday", some activities that I love:

1. Instagram (hello hashtags)

2. Starting a blog (why not share your story?  I bet its good!)

3. Online shopping (Download the app Keep.  You can thank me later)

4. Read.  Get those books that you never had the time to read and start reading.  If you dont like the first chapter, close it and move on.  My reading secret is I read the last few pages after the first chapter and then try to figure out the way to the ending while reading the rest of the book.  Often Im surprised.  

5. Binge watch a tv show.  Tv gets a bad rep; there are some really good, gets you thinking TV shows out there.  I highly suggest binging on those rather than reality tv.  Thought no judgement if Real Housewives is your jam.

6. Snail Mail.  I recently rode a bus with an old man who gave me great wisdom; write a card to each and every contact that you have.  Even if there are 1000s.  The ones that respond, they are the ones you invest your time in.

7. Travel.  I have the freedom to pick up my bags and go visit all my loved ones quite often and Im super thankful for the opportunity.  Traveling with MS/sick is not easy.  But it is possible; Im living proof.  Stay tuned for some tips.

8. Ponder.  Life is so crazy that often times we forget how important it is for internal growth.  And the best internal growth I've found does not come from books.  It comes from just thinking, pondering.  Having no direction with your thoughts and just letting go.  You'll be surprised where it takes you.

Keep living sparkly loves!

Love, Eliz