Monday, November 10, 2014

You Know I'm All About That Race

Im so late in writing this it's not even cute but it's done.  Star for that.  (:

THANK YOU to all who supported and donated to Team Sparkle's Bike MS 2014 City to Shore!!!

We raised $4,475 which is incredible being that it's $1,475 over our goal.  Thank you!!  

The money raised goes directly to the MS society for tangible items such as ice packs, air conditioners, etc - things needed for the MS community AND to research and development, things needed especially in my life.  (:

So a little about the like the past two years, we traveled to Ocean City a week early to savor every last inch we could out of the summer.  And it did not disappoint. 

But first, we stopped in State College to visit the college kid.  

It was an important ride this year.  The past two years I had done 2 miles (2012) and 25 miles (2013) but both on a recumbent trike (which is babe, highly suggest for those that like to ride and need the extra support).

So this year, I decided to double it, and bike 50 miles.  And not only that, but on a regular bike, not the recumbent.   

And I proudly proclaimed it by wearing the "I Ride with MS" jersey.  

Awkward real story: every time I saw someone with a jersey (which was like 4 times) I would go straight up to them, congratulate them, and if they were opened, provide a hug.  I really scared the pants off my first victim who was not expecting such a sparkling personality to approach.  Thats when I adapted the "if they were opened to it" hug policy.   

The rest of the team (daddy and the twins) road the usual 75 plus miles each day (the ms 150).  Super hero's only need to apply.  

I met them at the 25 mile mark and off we went.  It was a very hot day (whoops) and each rest stop consisted of me riding straight to the medics for all their ice packs.  To which I would then place all over me to lower the body temperature.  Uhthoff's is a b. 

The MS Chapter does a fabulous job of making sure the roads are clear of dead animals and trash and glass, making for a smooth sailing the whole 50 miles.  This was a large turn-out year as well, with close to 7000 plus riders (yes, having balance issues and riding with that many people on the road is intimidating!).

But I did it!!!  Even had some dance parties to celebrate. 

And at the end was the rest of the team: the sparkly part.  

My good friend Bethany flew in from San Diego to help sparkle the support. 

Zach and Regina (Bike MS Veterans) came in for the weekend and just made the whole experience.  I'll sum it up with there was a lot of sparkle, a lot of pink, a lot of balloons, and a lot of love. 

The Dad and the Twins woke up Sunday to bike the last remaining 75 miles (nbd).  Im so thankful for their riding and their support.  It means the world to me.  

So thank you again to all who donated to the cause.  For all the texts, calls, love throughout the weekend.  To the Bike MS City to Shore Team whom I love very much - you guys are the best; thank you always for being team sparkle.  All those that support Team Sparkle year round (you know who you are).  And my family and friends.  The Lord.  Starbucks.  Ocean City. 

Your actions show love, which is true beauty.  Thank you all.  

Love, Eliz

PS:  But that's not all!! 

The Parents celebrated 31 years together!!!

I got to spend some time with old OCNJ friends.

And of course we can't forget about the best breakfast ever with some family that came to visit.  Truly, so much love.