Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Sparkle Christmas Message

To all who sparkle:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

We meet again at the time of year of celebrations, champagne, and the birth of the Lord!  

The past few weeks have been spent in preparation of this day (or if you're a procrastinator, a few days shipping thanks  We've put up lights, sparkle, wrapped presents, baked yummy goodies, all for this day.

If you are with your family this holiday season, be thankful.  They might get on your nerves and drive you nuts and want to make you drink all the eggnog (the pure definition of family), but have peace in the fact that you're together.  The love that you are surrounded by is one of earth's most beautiful miracles.

If you are alone this holiday season, know you are not alone in life.  For whatever the circumstances are that you are alone, they too will pass.  If you are alone still for Christmas next year at this time, contact me.  You will have a home here.  

If you are married this holiday season, be sure to tell your partner that you love them before going to bed.  It can be easy to get caught up in the craziness of life/holidays/kids/work/trivia crack; pause for a minute to say thank you.

If you are single this holiday season, it's really quite ok.  You are not defined by your relationship status but rather by your love and your works.  Let those shine.  And maybe linger by that mistletoe?

If you are healthy this holiday season, CELEBRATE! (but for real)  Health is a beautiful thing, do not waste a moment of it.

If you are ill this holiday season, know that Christmas brings hope.  It is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus which is a reminder of what life is really about - goodness, peace, love, and the hope of Heaven.  Encourage that hope within yourself.  It might disappoint in this life but I promise that it comes with a pain-free guarantee in the next.  

If you are reading this this holiday season, know that I am thankful for you.  The holiday's are beautiful due to your help in the sparkle.  

Wishing you only the best wishes.

Love, Eliz