Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rx for Ways to Help

Want to become my best friend?  Want to learn how to love me and support me? 
 Take your pick, I made a list. 

It was like a doctor's order.  Or at least I'm pretty sure that's what the prescription said - you can never really tell with their handwriting. 


I love seeing your life and your videos and love seeing who can be sillier during a crazy game of snapchat playoffs.  No shame when snapping. Add me at: sparklewhattttt (thats 5 t's...dont ask, can't change it).

Trivia Crack
Do I even have to explain?  @elizmartin001  (I have about a 50% score so you're bound to win at least half the games we play.  It'll boost your ego for sure.).

See something cute?  A dress that is just babe?  A funny picture?  Share it with me @sparklebutonce.

If we aren't following each other yet, add me @thesparkledlife and DM me to remind me to add you. (:

I love reading all the articles: fashion, self-help, business, news, one-sided political rants...all of it.  Send me some of your favorites.  Your thoughts.  Let's discuss who looked best at the award shows and who Chris really should've picked to go home during the Rose Ceremony.

Yes, it gets its own category.  And really, do I need to say more?

I'm not only stuck at home, Im pretty much stuck in bed.  Meaning that we should probably start communicate more (otherwise I might go legit crazy).

Snail Mail
This is my favorite type of communicating.  I'm that old lady that's joy is waiting for the mail to arrive (not ashamed).  A little card is all it takes - and I love responding!  Let's bring snail mail back and start pen-palling.  (email me for my address:  

Communicating is key to my life right now.  My poor dog has been really great at listening to my issues but I feel his patience is wearing thin.  We can discuss anything - the other day a friend and I spent a good two hours just exchanging our favorite classic music songs via youtube.  It made my day. (email me for # :

In the area?
Show me your skills!  Come paint my nails, do my hair, show me your magic tricks.  Come entertain me!  But for real.  I'm very limited in how I can entertain and will probably not be fully myself (as in we won't be having any random dance parties and I may still be in pjs and I may only have an hour or two of energy); but I have this great mom that will make you a nice cup of coffee (we of course carry Starbuck Via and Starbucks Keurig).  I also sometimes ha ve cookies for guests.  Enticing right??

We're of course hoping that this episode will be short but are starting to plan for the long-term (I'll be sure to update on the happenings in the next few days - it's a page turner).  

Take me to a concert
Live music is just about my favorite thing to experience.  And go figure, very disability friendly.  Check out the concert listings in Pittsburgh and pick a concert.  And then let's go!  

Take me on a cruise!
So prior to this episode I had high dreams of taking myself on a cruise - a true vacation.  And then I had to go and get the wheelchair from the basement and kind of put a pin in my cruise plans.  But then....I was thinking maybe someone would want to go with me!  If you're interested, let's discuss.  

Come visit or Suggest a Visit
Seeing loved ones are always great - and Pittsburgh is a lovely city!!  Even though currently I don't think traveling is an option, it is something I hope to pursue shortly.  So let's chat. 

Want to support the MS cause?  Visit The Sparkled Life Skreened store for some fun t-shirts.  And then wear with pride (and be sure to snapchat it, instagram it, email me it, and text me it.  Hell you might as well just wear it when you come visit me or when we go see Maroon 5). (:

Cute right?

Just Be There
Just being there helps in more ways than you could know.  Don't be afraid to reach out in whichever way you feel comfortable.  Friendships start in the most interesting ways.  Friendships are strengthened when we stick together during the tough times.  Let's build a community of love.