Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Basic Things Not Commonly Known About MS

In honor of MS Awareness Week, I thought I would share some basic things not commonly known about Multiple Sclerosis. 

10 basic things to be exact. 

1.  Along with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis comes a MS trump card.  The card allows the person with MS the honor of trump on any item of their choosing.  

Some situations in which it can be used: when it is time to perform any chore, when trying to get out of a blind date, gaining access to great concert tickets, getting out of a speeding ticket, for those days when the mood is a little bitchy.

2. While there is not cure for MS, there are a lot of magic tricks to try i.e.: crazy diets, hyperbaric chambers, supplements, bee venom. 

Some of these works, some of these do not.  It is suggested to try each and every one that your friends from high school/college/work/church/post office send you.  Because they obviously know best; they googled it.

3. A very common but unknown side effect of Multiple Sclerosis is saying bad words.  There is no explanation as to why this happens but it does.  If anyone complains about this, see #1. 

4. MS causes people to leave.  You will lose friendships, you might lose that guy you love.  MS is not for the weak of heart.  If they are not strong enough for this journey, wish them the best and keep on moving.

5. MS will cause people to support and love you more than you thought possible.  It will strengthen relationships.  It will turn strangers into friends.  It will turn friends into family.  

6.  You will become beyond tired by doing the simplest task, like taking a shower.  Yet some nights you won't be able to sleep.  Your body will become a walking oxymoron.  It's cute. 

7. Your vanity will go out the window.  After spending weeks in a hospital, you really won't care who sees you au naturel.  You'll try your hardest to keep your hair cut and dyed, your eyebrows done, your nails did.  But you'll have no problem going to the doctors in your pjs with no bra.  Because, MS.

8. If you webmd your symptoms or side effects of a drug, you will get the result of "death".  Do not be alarmed - webmd is designed by these little elves that think it's a great joke to put this as a last resort on all symptoms / side-effects.  Breath.  

Unless you are really dying, then call your doctor.  

9. MS will test you in all areas - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.  When you survive these tests, reward yourself with fro-yo or french fries.  You're on your way to becoming a super hero.

10. You will gain a new perspective on life.  You will actually take time to appreciate the sunsets because you know they are limited.   You will get lots of scars and be proud of each one for they tell a part of your story - a story that is beautiful.  

MS will change your life and if you're lucky, it will make you a better person for it.  

Celebrate the change and hope for the strength to endure it.

Best of luck!!!! <3