Monday, June 15, 2015

The Bella Post

Our parents had promised us a dog.  For weeks we traveled far and wide, throughout the lands of Ohio and Pennsylvania, on the hunt for an Airedale puppy that "fit" our family.

One Sunday we roadtripped to a place we eventually would end up moving to in a few short years (the great outskirts of Pittsburgh) to look at puppies.  We thought for sure this place was it.  

Hours later we were driving home, puppy-less, and very moody.  (Being a teenager I thought it was my job to not only communicate verbally my emotions but non-verbally as well...aka I was very sulky.  I was promised a puppy). 

Sunday is pizza night in our family and after dropping the six, cranky, kids off at home, my parents went to go escape and get us some dinner.  Walking in a bit later, my mom asked me if we could help her hang up the coats. 

"But mommmmmmmm, I dont want tooooooo!" (teenage years are rough dude)

Pulling off the top coat, I realized that our life had changed.  Because inside of all of our coats was the most adorable little Airedale puppy we had ever seen.  My parents had not only made a pizza run but a puppy run as well. 

Isabella Rose, our Bella.

Coming into a large house of 6 (loud) kids did not intimidate her.  She immediately knew where she belonged and became a part of the pack.  

We were adamant that she would be a "trained dog" and took her to obiedence classes. We realized quickly that she was not the top in her class, after she escaped one day and ran to the middle school across the road, because, well, RECESS!!!  (Just imagine my poor mother trying to run through the school yards, chasing a dog- who thinks this is all a game, screaming kids scrambling everywhere.  I think she died a 1000 deaths that day).  

Bella had a fondness for eating socks.  She also liked new carpet, leaving us to replace it-twice.  She would greet me at the end of each school day with her "wiggle", a shake of her whole body in happiness to see her sister.  

She kept our yard free of any deer, whipping around the house as fast as she could if any dared to step over the line.

She was best friends with the mailman and terrified the "brown man" (UPS guy).  She would see him coming down the street and you could see the fear in his eyes (she was hardly anything to be scared of).  She spent all nice afternoons in our front yard, and was the celebrity of the neighborhood. 

Bella, in all her greatness, did not realize she was not human.  If you asked her how she felt/how her day was, she would tell you, speaking in what she knew for sure was human talk.  When she wanted attention, she demanded it.  She loved to wear clothes, from sweaters to costumes to blankets and cut-off human shirts.  She was the very definition of little miss independent.   

She was happiest when all of her humans were home - she stood guard every night to protect us from the scary things that might come in the night (ie squirrels or bats).  She was the much hairy-er sister of the large Martin clan.

One of her favorite things in the world were her treats - she lived for those dog biscuits.  On snowy or rainy days, she'd stand by the door asking to be let out.  Upon opening the door she'd take one look outside, look up at us like "you're kidding right?",  and walk straight to her treat box.  To her it was just the thought that count.  

When Sputnik came into my life, Bella was a little aprehensive as to why there was now a "dog" in the house. 

She'd entertain him some days by playing tug-a-war or chase (she'd always let him win).  

She wasnt just a dog, she was my best friend.  She'd stand guard by my side and protect me outside my room.  She'd listen to my cries on the days when life was too hard.  She'd dance with me on the days that found joy and happiness.  

Bella was happiest when she was with us and even though it pained her some to travel, she was happy to get in the car for another adventure, another vacation.  

Bella passed away on Tuesday May 26th in the Outer Banks.  The ironic thing about the location is she hated the beach - she didnt like getting her paws wet or sandy (always the princess).  And though that be the last place she saw on this earth, I know for certain that my Bella Lune is waiting for all her humans in doggy heaven.  And I cant wait to see her wiggle and embrace her again.

You were the best dog and best friend a girl could ask for luna.  I'll love you forever.