Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Pittsburgh Marathon 2018

So a few months ago I heard about the opportunity to partake in the Pittsburgh Marathon hand-cycling division in a recumbent bicycle.  I had to get a lot of notes from doctors and petition the board but they granted me access!!!

But why cycle the Pittsburgh Marathon?  Because MS says I cant run.  "Tell me I cant and I'll show you I can".  I cant RUN a marathon but I sure as well can CYCLE a marathon.

Picture by Empty Nest Photography Studio

So thats what I did. (:

Two weeks before the marathon, the local news station did an interview with me and named me "Athlete of the Week" which was pretty awesome.

To watch, visit here:

Leading up to the marathon I ended up with a kidney infection and overheating.  I was so nervous that all my hard work in prepping for this event would be for not.

But I finished that marathon.  And, even more fun, came in first in the female wheeler division. (:

Despite limitations, living limitlessly over here!!