Tuesday, July 10, 2018

CBD Oil Be Lit

CBD oil is kind of the craze right now.  For a white I was skeptical, mostly because I saw SO many network marketing companies selling these products on instagram.  And of course I researched like heck and read so many places that these items were often diluted or didnt have cbd oil in them at all.

I stayed away.

And then a while ago I was introduced to Joel and Theramu.  He sent me some cbd products at kind of the best time to try them - I was have a MS hug flare that just was sticking around for weeks.  I was desperate so figured what the hell.

Damn it - they provided relief.

I asked Joel to share more on CBD oil and how it works as well as about himself (he is AWESOME and a fellow MS warrior).  Because he has MS is probably why I trusted him enough to try the products: he gets it.  Theramu's products are also pure and concentrated - you are getting true CBD with these products.

For my favorites, I LOVE the Relieve salve.  I use it daily.  I keep it in my purse.  If you are nervous about taking orally, I get you, I feel you; but try the salve.  Do it. Now. (:  Jk no really I hope it would provide you relief as much as it has myself!  You can find more of their products here: https://theramu.com/.

So, without further to do, handing it over to Joel (Im going to share what he says about CBD first and then his awesome written piece on his journey below).

CBD info:

CBD works with our bodies to promote homeostasis and overall well being.

Topically applied CBD is able to work with the CB2 receptors that occur throughout our cell structure to reduce pain, inflammation and skin irritation.  Theramu's patented emu oil driven delivery system ensures that the CBD is transdermally absorbed deep into our bodies so it is not just treating the symptoms but rather the cause of the symptoms.  No other oil is as transdermal or as compatible with our own fatty lipid system.  This generally leads to exceptional results that you cannot find with any other topical products. (insert Eliz comment - SEE! This is why the topical stuff works so great!!)

On the sublingual side, CBD enters our digestive system and again works with the receptors in our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help our bodies achieve balance.  When our ECS is out of balance, our bodies require cannabinoids to rebalance it.  While our own bodies do in fact produce some level of cannabinoids, it is generally not enough to right an imbalanced ECS.  

CBD is the perfect phytocannabinoid and our bodies know exactly what to do with it.  CBD also needs a carrier oil if taken orally so that it can be protected from our digestive systems and the bioavailability can me maximized.  Emu oil is richer in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids than fish oil and it helps to protect the CBD from being digested before our bodies can put it to work!

Additionally, ingested CBD works with the serotonin receptors in our brain to help regulate serotonin production.  Serotonin deficiency can lead to depression and anxiety. CBD also helps promote our body's natural production of anandamide - the bliss molecule - which also works as an agonist with our CB1 and CB2 receptors to reduce anxiety and depression and help with sleep.  

Lastly, CBD taken orally (sublingually and digested) can be effective in pain management as it changes how our bodies perceive pain through neuron transmission inhibition.

Now for Joel's awesome story:

MS, CBD and Me
My Journey To Control My MS Symptoms Through All Natural CBD and My Evolution From Theramu Customer to Theramu CEO

Flashback:  It is August in the summer of 2016.  It is a normal NYC August – 95 degrees out and seemingly 132% humidity!  My symptoms are flaring because of the heat. The fatigue, vertigo and headaches are almost constant and my left leg and foot are spasming and cramping so badly and so frequently that walking is painful and difficult – especially in the course of my 3 hour round trip commute.

I am working with an amazing team of chiropractors and also a personal trainer who between them – are seeing me 5 times per week.  Anything to stay on my feet.

I come home after one particularly long day at work and glance at my nightstand.  It looks like a pharmacy. There is the Costco sized bottle of ibuprofen surrounded by prescriptions for pain, inflammation, seizures, migraines, anxiety, sleep and my MS injections.  Those are in turn surrounded by every topical balm, cream and analgesic known to man – or so I thought! I plop down onto my bed and begin my evening ritual of popping pills and washing them down with water (and occasionally bourbon) and realize that something has to change.  Despite being an MS Warrior and doing whatever I needed to be the best husband and father that I can be, I know that there has to be a better, safer and more effective way.

A friend whose medical saga mirrors my own (in time only – we are suffering from very different ailments) reaches out to me to let me know that he is working on the branding for a new CBD-based topical ointment that he thinks might help me.  My first thought was, “Another snake oil company looking to pray on the chronically ill.” But, as luck would have it, I was already starting to research CBD and THC and their efficacy with regards to MS and this recommendation was coming from my brother from another mother!  Why wouldn’t I give it a try.

I received a 1oz jar with a hand written label – the product wasn’t even out yet.  Because of the size of the jar, I used it sparingly. The first night I applied a pea-sized amount to my left calf and left foot – my most problematic areas  - and left my right side alone to be my control group of one.

To be honest, I forgot about it the following morning (but did later realize that somehow I slept through the night without being awoken by painful cramps or restless leg syndrome).  I had 2 sessions scheduled around work that day – one with my chiropractic team for some Graston therapy and another with my personal trainer. After my training session, I was lying on my back, on the stretching table – right leg extended and left leg straight up in the air. As my trainer began my hamstring stretch he asked, “What did you do to your leg?”  I’m a klutz – always have been, always will be so I naturally assumed that I banged my leg on a bed corner or dresser and had a colorful bruise to show for it. I asked what he was talking about and he told me that normally, in this stretch he would never put any pressure on my foot because my foot and calf muscles are always so tight that he is literally afraid to tear my muscles – only this morning was different – my muscles were completely fluid and malleable!  I couldn’t imagine that this could have been a result of the small amount of this new product that I put on the night before but what else could it be?

Fast forward one month….I continued to experiment on myself using not only the topical balm but also a sublingual CBD elixir.  I gradually noticed a reduction in both the severity and frequency of my symptoms. And, in turn, I began gradually stopping some of my prescriptions (yes, I did reach out to my neurologist to let her know my plan and get some advice on how to wean myself off of some of the nastier and more addictive ones).

About one month later I had the pleasure of taking Gary and Vickie Lowe to dinner in NYC.  Gary and Vickie were the brains behind the CBD products that were changing my life. During our dinner it came up that I was transitioning out of my current job as the EVP of Operations and Talent at one of the fastest growing companies in the world and they quickly asked if I would be interested in working with them to create a full product line and to launch it across all 50 states.  At this point, I was already having visions of how I could help others achieve the relief that I had.

I started working with Theramu developing a rollout strategy, product line development and building a team and Gary and Vickie eventually asked if I would become their CEO.  I had an offer for an executive position at a Fortune 50 at the time but after consulting with my wife (truly my better half) we agreed that I was meant to do this – to help others through awareness and education.  So, I put my corporate life on hold and began my new full-time journey.

Fast forward to June of 2018.  It has been a difficult Spring – the number of crazy barometric swings has been doing it’s best to trigger a relapse but despite not feeling my best, a full relapse or exacerbation just never happens and that means no IV corticosteroids or oral steroids – my arch nemises!

Sitting in that familiar spot next to my nightstand, I look over to see a bottle of Theramu Calm Pro (yummy pineapple flavor) and jars of Theramu Relieve Pro and Relieve Pro with Menthol.  There is also an assortment of vitamins but I can strangely see the top of my nightstand!

You see, my 7 prescriptions are now down to one – my twice a year Ocrevus infusion.  I haven’t taken an OTC pain killer in over a year. More importantly, my journey as CEO of Theramu has allowed me to help thousands of patients around the world.  Yes, some were fellow MS Warriors but others suffered from varying forms of arthritis, or eczema, or migraines, or neuropathy, or neck and back pain, or migraines or more serious ailments like epidermolysis bullosa, parkinsons, ALS, and so many more.  Others were simply weekend warriors pushing their bodies to the extreme or professional athletes including mma fighters, boxers, rugby players, or yogis.

Working directly with medical professionals around the world to spread the word of the unique all natural effectiveness of Theramu has paid me more than any other job ever could.  I get daily testimonials from our patients (I know – we are supposed to call them customers but we really do view them and partner with them in their health like patients) thanking us for their life changing results achieved through Theramu!  We work with a lot of families who have children who are benefiting from Theramu as well (pediatric arthritis, EB, selective mutism, autism, surgical recovery, EDS and more) and I get calls from their family members updating me on major life milestones – not even related to Theramu or their illness – they just want to share the latest report card, or success in an athletic event – because they consider us part of their family!

With all that has happened, I believe that this journey has just begun!  Doctors and patients are becoming more and more educated on the benefits of CBD, the unique effectiveness of Theramu and of course, the dangers of prescription drugs.  Our country is also seeing the benefits and we are on the verge of a milestone federal bill that will fully legalize hemp-based CBD and CBD products. Our ability and desire to help others will only continue to grow and I could not be more excited about jumping into the next leg of my journey – personally and professionally!