Thursday, July 12, 2018

Medical ID bracelet - but like it's cute

When I was first diagnosed, part of my discharge packet was being told to get a medical ID bracelet.  I googled.  I hated.  I ignored.  Sorry, but life is too short to wear ugly bracelets.

Then I met American Medical ID.  And basically fell in love because ALL of their products are actually "cute" and didnt stand out as a "hey Im sick here's who to call" bracelet.

I worked with them on doing a giveaway on my instagram (thanks for all that participated) and I received a complimentary bracelet as well.  It took a while to choose which one; I finally choose one that was more "sporty" and good for using in the pool and showers.  Something I didnt have to take off.  And I have not been disappointed!

This is the bracelet I choose (which is also currently on sale!!!) :

Medical ID bracelet's are important.  And I was silly to wait till I found a "cute" one to get one.  If something serious were to happen to me, if I were to overheat for example, my dysarthria picks up.  I cant talk, I cant communicate.  Now I dont have to stress - I just point to my wrist.  On it are my diagnoses and on the back is my Full Name, DOB, and Emergency contact.  Basically all they'd need to admit me to a hospital.

I highly suggest a medial ID bracelet to anyone who has a diagnosis, a severe allergy, or for the elderly.  They are practical, they are useful (for both you and the EMT's) and they'll comfort all your loved ones.

And hell, it might as well be good looking too right? (:  Check out American Medical ID.  You wont be disappointed.

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