Hi! Welcome to The Sparkled Life. Im Eliz Martin, content creator, chronic illness and disability advocate, and Multiple Sclerosis sparkler.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on March 21 2012.  It was an abrupt diagnosis.  I woke up that morning with loss of sensation and feeling from toes to belly button and unable to walk.  By that evening I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after a MRI showed multiple lesions on my central nervous system (brain, neck and spine).  

Since that diagnosis I have spent my days doing what I can to find any relief in this health journey.  Luck has not been on my side but I've been able to witness first hand how powerful the body is - teaching myself to relearn to walk (twice!), relearn to talk, and make the adaptions I need to live a full and complete life.  

I first started to share my story to keep those close informed. Then I started to share my story because I wanted to connect with others like me.  Now, I share to shed light for all those with a chronic illness and/or disability.  This world could be a little cuter for those with chronic illness' and disabilities and if I can help by just a little, then I have found purpose.



Did you know that Multiple Sclerosis is the most common neurological disease leading to disability in young adults?  Like I'm talking young - in your 20s year old young.  That's how old I was when I was not only diagnosed with a chronic illness but also had to adapt to a life with disabilities brought on by my chronic illness.    

Do you know how not cute society is towards people with chronic illness' and disabilities?  Super not cute.  Much of it isn't intentional but it's there.  The world is not designed to help the sick or disabled.  Just try going to the grocery store with a mobility disability - a daily common chore becomes a level 10 difficulty in no time.

All this leads to ADVOCACY.  I work with companies and organizations on a partner basis to bring awareness to what living in this world is like with a chronic illness and disability.  And it's not only my story I'm sharing - I'm sharing and advocating for all my fellow chronic illness and disabled friends.  Because we deserve more. 


It's not just about accessible ramps and parking spaces (though very important).  It's about the simple process of treating all people with dignity.  It's about putting a face to a disease, to a number, to a statistic.  It's about sharing the pulse points of the community - what we'd really like to see and have.  It's just asking others to see us. 





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